Terms and Conditions

Animals 1st aims to provide high quality veterinary health care. For this reason, our fees and trading conditions (detailed below) are structured to allow the Practice to provide this service. We invest in modern facilities for the benefit of all our clients. The service we offer is constantly reviewed and improved. A copy of this notice is available for you to take away if requested.

1. Clients are requested to settle their account after each consultation; should your animal need a course of treatment, payment (for consultation and treament) will be required after each consultation. All operations and hospitalisation fees must be paid in full at the time your animal is collected. Estimates can be printed, if requested.

Estimates are made on the basis of our assessment of your pet at the time of consultation and with the benefit of our experience, however the estimate may be exceeded if further investigations reveal that further treatments or operative measures are required in the best interest of the health of your pet. We will endeavour to keep you updated, however please feel free to contact us for updates on the anticipated costs.

If your animal is insured, we would ask that payment be made to us in full before claiming from your insurance company. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit card. However if you are unable to pay prior to an insurance claim, ask to speak to the practice manager; who in exceptional circumstances will arrange a direct claim from your insurer.

2. Animals 1st reserves the right to pass unpaid accounts to debt collectors/solicitors for recovery/legal action to whom we may assign the debt, and all rights, without restriction.

3. In the event payment is not received as per clause 1, a fee of £30 will be added to the amount owing. In the event that the account remains unpaid you will be informed by letter before the account is sent to the Debt Recovery Agency.

4. In the event of late payment, interest will be charged at a rate of 2% per month so long as the account remains unpaid. We will also require you to pay our expenses and legal costs incurred in taking steps to obtain payment on an indemnity basis. This will include costs for returned cheques, correspondence and legal notices, finding you if you have changed your address without notice, as well as third party costs incurred in the collection of unpaid accounts.

5. If the account is not settled, Animals 1st reserves the right to ask you to find another Veterinary Surgeon to treat your animals for routine problems. You will be informed of this by letter and given one week’s notice to do so.

6. By completing the registration form you agree that we may collect information from the Electoral and search the files of a Credit Reference Agency, which will keep a record of the search. In the event of the account being unpaid as per clause 1, relevant details may be recorded with any agency. Any information supplied may be used for debt tracing and fraud prevention.

7. I confirm that I am 18 years old or over and am happy for Animals 1st Veterinary Practice to contact me in relation to my pet(s), my dealings with Animals 1st or with information about other Animals 1st services. This may include news or events that Animals 1st believes may be of interest to me. I consent to Animals 1st contacting my previous veterinary practice for a copy of my animals clinical records .I have read the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.