Ophthalmology Referrals

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As from 6th June 2016 we will be accepting ophthalmology referrals.

Clinics held  at Macmerry Surgery by appointment.

Dr Vikki Halliday, BVMS, GPCert Ophth, PGCert SAOphth, MRCVS is a RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Ophthalmology and can accept referrals for assessment and surgery from colleagues in other veterinary practices.

She has been working as a veterinary ophthalmologist for a number of years, and is also happy to answer any queries or help local colleagues manage ophthalmology cases.

She can offer


Full ocular examination and reporting to client and practices.


Tonometry to diagnose and monitor glaucoma and uveitis cases


Full retinal examination by indirect ophthalmoscopy


Examination of the finer detail of anterior chamber and cornea.


Fine lid and corneal surgery carried out at Macmerry, including entropion and ectropion correction, lid procedures, diamond eye correction, rhytidectomy, distichia removal by electrolysis, ectopic cilia removal, corneal grafting, keratectomy and parotid duct transposition.

Now using the new Omnigen Graft by Nuvision-Biotechnologies, find out more http://www.nu-vision.co.uk/omnigen


Available for advice on ocular emergencies to referring clinics. Please contact reception to book a referral appointment or for advice.

Iris Atrophy

I qualified from Glasgow Vet School in 1997, and after a number of years in clinical veterinary work, decided that I didn’t know enough about the eye cases I was seeing, and so decided to improve my knowledge!

After several years of study and further work inthis area, I was awarded my General Practitioner certificare in 2011 by Improve International and the European School of Postgraduate Veterinary Studies, and subsequently was awarded the Post Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Ophthalmology in 2016. 

Ophthovet has been formed to allow practices in Central Scotland to call on the services of an experienced Ophthalmologist to come to your clinic, and see your clients avoiding the need for referral in many cases. I will be working to develop regular clinics in the host practices, and provide your clients with a first class service, while retaining a proportion of the income generated for your business.

Please get in touch for further details or for a chat about I can help you.

Vikki Halliday, BVMS GPCert (Ophth) PgCert SAOphth MRCVS




Full referral reports for insurance claims for your client