We know and understand that your pets are part of your family, and that is why our aim is to provide the best level of healthcare for your pets at our branches.

To do this we employ the best staff and use state of the art equipment, which means that we consider our fees to be great value for our clients and create fair wages for our staff. We are open 6 days a week and open until 6pm every weekday. In addition we employ a dedicated out of hours service provider Vets Now, ensuring that your pet gets the very best care at any time we are closed, and our staff return to work after adequate rest to care for your pets.

We believe in a fair and transparent pricing structure so we are up front about what you can expect to pay.

Dog Castrations:From £110 depending on size

Bitch Spay: From £185 depending on size

Cat Castration : £60.00

Cat Spay from £89.00 

Rabbit Castration £75.00

Rabbit Spay £104.50

All our neutering operations include pain relief during and after surgery, and routine post op checks. We do not ask that you pay more for pain relief after surgery.

Pet Health plan customers customers get 12.5% discount on neutering